Dr. Anthony Muscat is the dean of ¥’s College of Engineering, effective July 25, 2021.

He has extensive experience in the field of Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering and has been in higher education for over 30 years. 

With a passion for applied learning, he wants to help ¥ train engineers who are confident in their technical chops and who apply the fundamentals in applied learning projects that teach them to exercise good judgement. 


Academic Interests and Expertise
  • Chemical, Environmental, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Applied learning. 


Areas of Research Interest

Applied semiconductor surface chemistry to clean and etch surfaces and deposit thin films to build electronic devices; nanomaterial synthesis and self-assembly processes. 

Areas of Teaching Interest


College of Engineering GoBabyGo Program

  • The ¥ College of Engineering sponsors WSU GoBabyGo, a program that modifies off-the-shelf ride-on toy cars for kids with disabilities. Students from engineering collaborate with physical therapy students to customize each car and deliver them at no cost to the family.
  • Would a car like this benefit your child or patient? Fill out our form to apply for a car:
  • Would you like to help build the cars and meet the children? Join our student organization: 



                                                                      Applied learning projects 

                                  Use of tools in the Innovation Hub Project Innovation Hub (wichita.edu)

Engineering Building


  • A. P. Hinckley, A. J. Muscat, “Detecting and Removing Defects in Organosilane Self-Assembled Monolayers,” Langmuir 36 (10), 2563-2573 (2020). .
  • A. P. Hinckley, M. M. Driskill, A. J. Muscat, “Dense Organosilane Monolayer Resist That Directs Highly Selective Atomic Layer Deposition,” ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (4), 3185-3194 (2020). . 
  • S. L. Heslop, L. Peckler, A. J. Muscat, “Reaction of aqueous ammonium sulfide on SiGe 25%,” J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 35, 03E110 (2017).  . 
  • F. Jiang, L. T. Peckler, A. J. Muscat, “Phase Pure Pyrite FeS2 Nanocubes Synthesized Using Oleylamine as Ligand, Solvent, and Reductant,” Crys. Growth Des.,15(8) 3565-3572 (2015). .
  • F. Jiang and A. J. Muscat, “Solvent-Triggered Self-Assembly of CdTe Quantum Dots into Flat Ribbons” J. Phys. Chem. C, 117 (42), 22069–22078 (2013). .
Professional Experience
  • ¥, Dean of College Engineering
    • July 2021-Present
  • University of Arizona, Acting Head of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department
    • January 2018-July 2018
  • University of Arizona, Chair of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department 
    • October 2014-July 2020
  • University of Arizona, Professor
    • July 2009-July 2021
  • NSF/SRC Engineering Research Center, Thrust B Leader
    • January 2003-June 2010
  • University of Arizona, Associate Professor
    • July 2003-June 2009
  • University of Arizona, Assistant Professor
    • January 1998-June 2003
  • San José State University, Assistant Professor 
    • August 1995-December 1997 
Clinical Experience
  • Scientific researcher at IMEC
  • Team lead at NSF/SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing.
Awards and Honors
  • Fellow, American Vacuum Society (AVS) 2019

  • University of Arizona (UA), Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Excellence at the Student Interface, Faculty Award (2014, 2007, 2004, 2001, 1999, 1998)
  • UA Honors College Five Star Faculty Finalist (2013)
  • UA College of Engineering Arizona Public Service Electric Company Professorship (2009-2012)

  • UA College of Engineering da Vinci Circle Fellowship (2005)

  • Scientific American 50 Technology Leaders, Policy Leader in Chemicals and Materials Science (2003)
  • UA College of Engineering Tau Beta Pi Professor of the Year (1998)
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award (1997)

Patents and other Intellectual Property

Reactive site deactivation against vapor disposition, US Patent Number: 8, 293, 658

  •  E Shero, M. Verghese, A. Muscat, S. Miller, Issued 2011

Method for encapsulating a device in a microcavity, US Patent Number 2008/0135998 A1 

  • A. Witvrouw, C. Van Hoof, J. Fransaer, J.P. Cellis, A.J. Muscat, R.C. Hellin-Rico, Issued 2008
Areas of Service

American Vaccuum Society Interaction Subcommittee

  • 2021

Electrochemical Society International Symposium on Semiconductor Cleaning Science and Technology Conference Program Committee-

  • 2016-present 

Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces Conference Program Committee

  • 2015-present 

International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors Front End Processes Surface Technology Working Group

  • 2004-2010
Other Interests

Dr. Muscat loves running, swimming, listening to classical music and opera, and reading literature and poetry!