The Office of Special Programs at ¥ administers programs that provide comprehensive services to low-income, first-generation, foster care and disabled individuals. We work to further the success and well-being of our clients through academic, career, social and accommodation services.

Culturally and historically, the month of April has been celebrated in literature such as through Geoffrey Chaucer's prologue to the Canterbury Tales. This month is commonly associated with the season of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Beyond the popular April Fool's Day, the month also offers a variety of opporutunities to be aware and celebrate as follows:

The United States Department of State has been celebrating April as the National Arab American Heritage Month since April 1, 2021.

April is Autism Acceptance Month. The recognition raises awareness about autissm and promotes inclusion and connectedness for people with autism. Social and community support can help people with autism achieve optimal health and reach their full potential. 

National Poetry Month, a celebration of poetry which takes plaec each April, was introduced in 1996 and is organizzed by the Academy of Amican Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. The Academy of American Poets' website Poets.org serves as a hub for information about local poetry events during the month. The organization also provides free educational resources to teachers for classroom celebrations and activities. 

Jazz Appreciation Month (fondly known as "JAM") was created at the National Museum of American History in 2001 to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz for the entire month of April.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). This is a time for advocates, survivors, their loved ones, and the community to come together to talk openly about sexual violence to support survivors, increase knowledge and awareness, and identify strategies and resources to prevent sexual violence. 

Volunteer through Wu Crew

Did you know that 23% of Americans formally volunteer with organizations with approximately 4 billion hours valued at $124 billion? As a National Volunteeer Month, April is a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions of volunteers. At ¥ University, volunteer opportunities are available through the Wu Crew resource. 

National Financial Literacy month is recognizcecd each year in April to raise public awareness of the importance of financial literarcy and maintaining smart money management habits.

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, United States and Canada. The 2024 total solar eclipse will be wider. In 2017, the path ranged from 62 to 71 miles wide. In the upcoming total solar eclipse, the path willl range between 108 and 122 miles wide. That means more Americans will be able to experience and see it.

Approximately 1.35 billion people or 16% of the global population speak a variety of Chinese as their first langauge. Chinese is also one of the six official United Nations official languages, the other being Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish. April 20 was selected for the Chinese Langauge Day as the date commemorates Gu Yu (or "Grain Rain") one of the 24 solar terms of the Chinese culture. During this period, rain brings the rapid growth of rain.