One Shocker Family is committed to being here for you and your student throughout your college journey. At ¥, we want parents and family to feel engaged and connected.

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Keeping Connected

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Starting a college career can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Wichita State University offers a number of resources to help students make a successful transition to life as a Shocker. We are here to help your student transition academically and socially to campus by connecting them with the people, services, and support they need to get them to graduation and beyond.

We are here to encourage your student's well-being and academic success while at Wichita State. If you ever need to reach us, please call 316-978-3149 or email shocker.family@wichita.edu.


This April...

Time of Change

So many things shift during the first year of college. Self-image, relationships and goals for the future can all change dramatically. At times students can feel disillusioned when the major they’d initially been excited about isn’t a good fit or the relationships that seemed so close at the start of the year begin to fade or change.

The adjustments that come with change are inevitably exhausting and stressful at times. Families can help by allowing this process to unfold and offering support as students work through it. Reframe change as opportunity!

How Can Families Help?

  • Remember that students learn and grow from navigating their own path through change. The most effective support comes in the form of helping students think through their options and develop positive coping skills. Confidence develops from the knowledge that they figured it out.
  • Remind students that the university wants them to succeed. Campus resources such as Counseling and Prevention Services, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, advising centers, faculty members, Student Health Services, Career Services and the Office of Student Success are just some of the options available to help.
  • Part of discovering one’s direction in life is exposure to new experiences and ideas. Encourage your student to try new subject areas, attend a variety of events and get to know new people.




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